‘I benefited a lot from the sessions with Marijn. After suffering for years from chronic neck and head pain, Marijn helped me find a new way….and I had tried just about every method before, so I was a bit skeptical.  Marijn’s method introduced me to a softer way of moving with my body. It helped me reconnect to my nervous system and actually listen to what it was telling me. The practices we did in her studio were very rewarding and I often left saying simply “wow” “wow”. She helped release blockages and move energy. It helped me begin to reprogram my body/brain/senses to a new way of working together, rather than the old pattern of aches, pain, painkiller, pushing myself. I highly recommend Marijn’s sessions for those who have tried everything to heal chronic pain. It worked for me! And when my body now gives me aches or warning messages, I pause and tune in. Funny enough, I also hear Marijn’s soft voice also encouraging me “Ask your body what is it trying to tell you?” She helped retrain my body to work with new softness, patience, and communication. The rewards (being free from pain) are beautiful!’