For you?

The list below describes symptoms that may result from a short or long ago trauma, small or large. It may concern ‘everyday’ events such as bumping into your head or falling off your bicycle. But also bigger traumas like accidents or (sexual) violence. And sometimes it is more complex, such as (early) childhood trauma; chronic severe stress resulting in burnout.

Do you recognise any of this?

  • I had an accident and since then I am not the same as I used to be.
  • I have such headaches and don’t understand why.
  • I have had an operation and since then I sleep badly with nightmares.
  • I get very angry at the slightest thing and then I react violently.
  • I feel listless and down; powerless and helpless.
  • I keep thinking about that one event.
  • Lately I can’t concentrate very well.
  • I have the feeling that I live in a fishbowl: cut off from the world.
  • I suffer from tinnitus, a beeping sound in my ear that does not go away.
  • I lose my balance easily and I often feel dizzy for no reason.
  • I am always alert, as if something bad is going to happen.
  • I suffer from unexplained pain; panic or anxiety attacks.
  • I get overly frightened by loud noises or unexpected movements.
  • I feel alone, I have difficulty maintaining relationships, I get into arguments more often.
  • I’m dead tired, I can’t seem to relax anymore.
  • I have an injury that won’t go away despite treatments.
  • I’ve seen something unpleasant and since then I’ve been experiencing stress.
  • My loved one (child/partner/parent) has been through something serious; now that it’s over and done with, I’m still very anxious.

What does the therapy give you? 

If any or more of the above is recognisable to you, please feel free to contact me so that together we can see what I can do for you. We cannot restore the past, but together we can explore what you need in the here and now to better deal with the symptoms of the past. I would like to guide you in this process by using the Somatic Experiencing© method, which helps to process the symptoms and to rebuild resilience and vitality. These could be the results of the treatment for you:

  • Taking control of your life again.
  • Less stress and more calmness.
  • Being able to sleep better.
  • Being able to deal with future stress better.
  • More relaxation in the body and less pain.
  • More attention and presence.
  • You are less easily overwhelmed by your emotions.
  • Your ability to solve problems is increased.
  • You are better able to feel and indicate boundaries.
  • More energy.
  • You are better able to make contact with others.
  • Unpleasant memories become part of your biography.
  • You feel more secure in your own self.